Firing Service

Firing Service

For firing we offer:

Bisque fire to 1068 degrees suitable for most clays,

Glaze firings Earthenware glaze fire at 998 degrees (cone 06), Stoneware at 1187degrees (cone 5) as standard.

1040 (05) and 1226 (6) are also used reasonably regularly.

Any other temperatures (unless we have other potters requesting to share) are charged by the full load we do not go above 1230 degrees.


Bisque firing (per item)

< 12 cm12 – 16 cm16 – 20 cm
< 10 cm height£3.50£4.50£9.00
10 – 15 cm height£4.50£7.00£12.50
15 -20 cm height£5.50£9.00£16.00

By the shelf

< 12 cm height£24.00
12 – 15 cm height£33.00
15 – 20 cm height£42.00
Full Load£106.00

Where possible we tumble load during bisque fire, stacking your pots if it’s safe/viable to do so to save you money.

Glaze firing

Where we have provided materials and done dip Glaze processing just double the bisque price.

Where we have supplied no glaze materials or associated processing, prices remain as bisque.

Note for external potters

If you would like us to fire for you please insure you provide your clay details – make and firing range and your glaze details – make and firing range. We are happy to provide shelf diameters and kiln dimensions on request.

Please note:

Firing has multiple pit falls and whilst we take every precaution, things do go wrong. When trying new clays and glazes test tiles are always recommended and we take no responsibility for anomalies that occur when ‘in temperature range’ firings have been provided.