Firefly Pottery
Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

COVID 19 2022

We continue to follow the governments policies on covid 19.

We offer socially distanced provision, well ventilated environ, hand sanitiser, strict cleaning routine and all staff are vaccinated and wear masks any other advice to protect our visitors and team will be implemented as and when given.

Session Times

Pottery painting and hand building sessions last for two hours unless agreed in advance.


Pottery will be stored for you for up to 3 months from the your date of visit, after which point we reserve the right to dispose of your pots without notice.
When you collect your pots please check them before leaving.


Deposits of between 50% – 100% are taken for wheel sessions, workshops and courses, this is deducted from gift vouchers at point of date reservation.

Cancellation Policy

If you find yourself unable to attend the date you have booked, we require formal notice and the following cancellation terms come into effect on your payment.
Notice of 21 days or more – Full refund given
Notice of 14 to 20 days – 70% refund given.
Notice of 7 to 13 days – 50% refund given.
Notice of 6 days or less – No refund given.
e.g. if an event is on a Sunday and notice to cancel is given the Sunday before the event (7 days) a 50% refund of the amount paid will be given.


Please note we ask for payment in full on the first date of attendance of multiple date events such as clay courses, block wheel improver sessions etc. No reimbursement or movement to alternative dates is feasible should you miss a session, if we have to cancel a session we will offer date movement or refund.

COVID 19 Extension to Cancellation Policy

We are a small business and rely on bookings to be able to offer our services cost effectively, we require a deposit as we cannot afford to run workshops and courses with low numbers due to cancellations therefore if customers cannot or do not wish to attend a workshop or event due to the Coronavirus, standard terms and conditions will apply to refunds..

Sadly, given the current situation, closures are a possibility.
If we are forced to cancel a workshop or event, we will offer a full refund as is our standard practice.

Customers must not attend firefly if they are feeling unwell,displaying any covid symptoms or isolating.

Customers must wear a mask to Firefly to comply with current legislation or when this alters to help protect our small team from infection and so avoid our closure.

We have offered extension to our gift vouchers for our periods of closure within their validity. Closure dates thus far have been March 24th -5th Sept, 5th Nov – 31st Dec 2020.1 Jan – 28 May 2021. We are happy to check the revised dates for you. We do not extend vouchers further than this for any reason.

Please email us at if you wish to discuss your booking.


Please accompany your children at Firefly, unless they are booked onto a supervised workshop or are aged 14 or over.


We reserve the right to ask you to leave Firefly at any point if we deem your behaviour to be aggressive or offensive towards us or other customers. We are welcoming to all and ask that all are respected and shown due consideration.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers last for a period of 6 months from purchase, apart from Clay Experience Course vouchers which last for 1 year.

Please book events in in good time as our events are popular and can be booked up well in advance. We will not provide time extensions to vouchers for any other reason than extended closure on our part.

Food and drink

Firefly does not offer refreshment. Please bring your own food or drink if you wish but take all waste/rubbish with you when you leave.

Firing issues

Firing issues are part of ceramics and there are a wide range of causes.

If there is an issue with your pot within the paint-your-own firing schedule you can expect an offer to repaint or be refunded.

In the case of firing clay to bisque there are more elements out of our direct control therefore you run the risks of firing failures with us and we do not refund.

In the case of glaze firings if we have fired within the recommended firing temperature banding of your glaze we take no responsibility for any issues other than our accidental breakage. In the case of kiln temperature anomaly due to equipment failure or our breakage we will refire or refund.