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Firefly Baby Print Takeaway Kit

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This kit is designed to provide everything you need to create great baby prints and decoration on your chosen pottery.

It contains pallet, general brushes, print brush, water cup, sponge, paints and a commission sheet (in case you would like us to do any writing or decoration for you).

An online 'how to' short course guide with tips and techniques on the best way to get good print results is provided as part of this kit via a downloadable PDF link you will receive on payment.

For this kit you pay a £10 refundable deposit.

Both kit and pottery can be collected the next Sunday to you order between 10am-12pm from Firefly. It is to be returned the following Saturday with your painted pots between 10am and 12pm. Fired pottery can be collected the following week across these two slots.

When choosing your pottery remember foot prints work well on flat and curved pots, for 0-3 months especially, if you want to get a handprint we recommend you go for a curve - look at mugs, jugs, baubles. Have fun!

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